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lululemon Tuesday Top 5 (8/20/19)

My favorites from this week's product drop

Tuesdays are the best day of the week in lemon world. All the ‘latest and greatest’ products drop in the lululemon “upload” – meaning all the new product for the week is added to the website. 

And all the #lululemonaddicts out there are glued to their computers adding item after item to their shopping carts. 

Each week, I sift through the upload and bring you my top picks in both women’s and men’s – as well as tips on sizing, education tidbits on fabrics + features and, hopefully, a laugh or two along the way.

Not gonna lie, some weeks it’s super easy to narrow down my picks to just five things; today that was really hard.

Buuuuut I did it … so, here are my favorites from this week’s new product drop:

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Ready to Rise Short Sleeve in Light Ivory: I’m all about crop tops right now and this one is so different from anything else I’ve seen. Usually lululemon makes either very loose, boxy crop tops (my fav!) or very, very tight ones that are a little too short for me. This one looks like it could be in the middle of those two fits depending on which size you got (I’d probably choose to size up in this style based on the pictures). I also really love the little cap sleeve and the v-cut back which makes it perfect to show off those cute strappy sports bras. The material is also interesting to me – Ribbed Luxtreme – haven’t seen that before in a top. ($48)

Time To Restore Short Sleeve in Nocturnal Teal: This is a throwback color here, y’all! It’s dark enough to be uber neutral but has just enough color to break up an all-black outfit. The cool thing about this lightweight cotton top is that you can wear it tied in the back or front, which totally changes how tight it fits. There’s also a long sleeve and tank version of this top! ($58)

Energy Bra *Crescent in Black: A fun twist on an old favorite. The Energy Bra has always been the most versatile sports bra, in my experience; designed to provide medium support, it usually actually provides more support than it claims. The cut-outs on the front of this version make for a more feminine look and definitely class up this classic sporty style. ($58)

Swiftly Speed Long Sleeve *Flow in Plumful: This is something I definitely haven’t seen before! The Swiftly fabric in a cinch-able v-back! This top has all the same technical properties as your favorite Swiftly: moisture wicking, breathability, thumbholes, anti-bacterial & anti-stink. I can’t wait to try this one on! ($78)

Pack It Up Jacket in Incognito Camo Multi Grey: You didn’t think you were going to get through a Top 5 without seeing camo, did you?! Don’t worry, this water-resistant jacket also comes in bright yellow, pink and solid black for all you camo-haters out there. You can cinch up internal drawstring for a peplum look in the back or leave it loose for a traditional fit. ($138)


Surge Tight *Nulux 28″ in Heather Allover Iron Blue True Navy: These are basically the Fast & Free Tights for dudes (although I’ve actually seen dudes wearing the Fast & Frees too!). The Nulux fabrication will have you feeling secure your pants won’t fall down, but also like you aren’t wearing pants (in a good way) at the same time. You can wear them on their own or layer them under linerless shorts. ($98)

Pace Breaker Short 9″ *Linerless in Carbon Dust: Speaking of layering shorts over your tights, I’m living for this neutral dusty almost-khaki-but-not-quite color. Pace Breakers are a classic, they’ve been around forever and are always popular, so you can’t go wrong with this style. They do come with built-in liners though if that’s more your jam, as well as in a 7″ inseam and in a swim version, so def check out your options. ($68)

Masons Peak Flannel in Shade Plaid Black Battleship: lululemon debuted flannel last holiday season and it as a HUGE success, and then kindaaaa bombed. The first round of flannels were super soft and cozy and sold out much faster than predicted, so they pushed a second round made out of a more accessible material that turned out to be just not that great. I’ve seen this year’s version and they are the soft, cozy version NOT the not-so-great ones, so rest assured there. ($128)

Commission Pant Classic *Warpstreme 32″ in Maroon: There are a couple special things about this pant. One, the Commission Pant Classic now comes in Warpstreme, a four-way stretch fabric that’s the literal best. Two, the Commission Pant Classic now comes in a 32″ inseam rather than just 34″ and 37″. Three, did you see that color?! Just like the Pace Breaker Short above, this style comes in a ton of variations (different materials, inseams, there are shorts, there are slim cut, etc), so check ’em all out before adding these to your cart. ($128)

5 Year Basic Long Sleeve Henley in Heathered Nomad: This Lyrca blend long sleeve feels like your favorite cotton shirt, is naturally breathable and has great shape retention so it doesn’t stretch out. Leave a button or two open and show off that taco meat. ($78)

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