lululemon Markdown Lowdown (2/28/19)

I’m part of the lululemon collective and will receive a commission if you make a purchase through the links below.


Here are my top 5 must-haves from this week’s new markdowns:

  1. All Days Vest in Black (and Dark Olive!): I’ve had my eye on this vest for a hot minute. Every year I say I’m gonna buy a puffy vest and I don’t. This year I just might have to pull the trigger. I love the length and, let’s be honest, I’m a sucker for anything olive green. $168 -> $119
  2. Reveal Tight in Black: Not my personal style, but these truly look great on! The mesh detailing offers great ventilation and looks hella feminine and sexy without being overly revealing (get it, haha). There are two other colors on markdown as well: Dark Adobe and Dark Olive. $118 -> $79
  3. Align Pant 25″ in Antique Bark: If you haven’t tried Align Pants on yet, let me tell you in big capital letters – YOU’RE MISSING OUT. These pants are the most comfortable thing you’ll ever put on your body. I wear Aligns to work pretty much everyday. They’re designed for super low-impact workouts, so don’t wear them on a run or during a WOD but for recovery days and life in general, they’re a must. And momma-to-bes out there, you need these ASAP (I’m not exaggerating). $98 -> $79
  4. Cozy Instincts Dress in Dark Olive: Again, I’m a sucker for olive green. Plus, I love the small collar and IT HAS POCKETS!!! $138 -> $99
  5. Keep On Trek 3-in-1 Jacket in Carbon Dust: Water resistant, windproof, a hidden hood AND a removable, can-be-worn-by-itself long vest?! DONE, sold, take my dollhairs. $198 -> $139


  1. Mason’s Peak Flannel in Dark Olive: I actually have this shirt for myself in a red plaid, so I can speak from personal experience that this shirt rocks! $118 -> $59
  2. 5 Year Basic T in Heathered Dark Adobe: Super soft, stretchy Vitasea material makes this a perfect everyday tee! On the DL, I actually own a couple of these myself for layering under chunky sweaters and for lounging around the house. $58 -> $39
  3. All Town Buttondown in White: Aside from ABC Pants, this is the best way to get away with wearing lululemon to the office. $108 -> $79
  4. Evolution Polo in Heathered Royal Emerald: An anti-stink collared shirt that feels like a cotton t-shirt? Yes, please! Perfectly transition from a day on the golf course to dinner afterwards. $88 -> $69
  5. Metal Vent Tech Polo in Mach Blue/White: So versatile! My boyfriend loves the MVT Polos because they feel like he’s wearing a t-shirt but look like he’s dressed up. Plus they’re anti-stink and super breathable. $88 -> $59


  1. Rhythmic Tight in Mod Stripe Black White: This is the girls’ line equivalent of the classic Luon® Wunder Under. $64 -> $49
  2. Set To Go Hoodie in Sheer Lilac: This loose-fitting hoodie is made of Rulu™ (running luon) which makes it super soft and super moisture wicking in comparison to a traditional cotton hoodie. The black hoodie is also on markdown. $64 -> $44
  3. Keepurcool Racer in Heathered Core Light Grey: The girls’ line version of the Cool Racerback. This is a special ribbed edition of the Keepurcool Racerback. $32 -> $19
  4. Warm Moments Jacket Quilt in Light Horizon: A full-zip quilted Cotton Fleece hoodie with thumbholes. $78 -> $54
  5. Bringing It Backpack 9L in Black: I love the quilted design on this bag so much that I kinda just want it for myself. (There’s a matching small pouch for only $14 too!) $48 -> $29

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