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Mini lululemon Try-On in Maryland

Fit review of lululemon's Wunder Lounge Super High-Rise Tight 28" and Always There Trench Coat

We’re in DC for the week on vacation and I couldn’t resist the temptation to combine my love of all things lululemon with my love of true crime … so I very morbidly visited the Bethesda, MD store – the home of the grisly 2011 “lululemon murder”.

It was a quick trip between sightseeing, so I only grabbed two things to try-on: the Wunder Lounge Super High-Rise Tight 28″ and the Always There Trench Coat.

Scroll down for a couple fit pics and my take on each style.

Yes, I’m smiling under my mask

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Wunder Lounge Super High-Rise Tight 28″

I really wanted to buy a pair of the super soft, fleecy Wunder Lounge last year, but my size sold out in black almost immediately and I never had a chance to snag one.

So obvi I was excited when I saw them hit the website again this year. Finally had a chance to try on the updated fit while on vaca and I’m so glad I did bc THEY ARE AMAZING!!

At 5’4” and a 25” inseam kinda girl, I was a little worried the 28” length wouldn’t work for me (and I’m never really a fan of hemming my pants) but the extra fabric at the bottom actually didn’t bother me in this style. I guess bc in my mind, I view these as sweatpants that I probably won’t leave the house in – except maybe to walk the dog or on quick errands like the grocery store or to pick-up carry-out – in which case comfort is top consideration over aesthetic.

Sizing tip: If you’re between two sizes, I’d recommend going with your larger size. I bounce between a 6 and an 8, depending on the fabric and cut of the pant – and although I didn’t actually try the 6 in these, the 8 was a perfect enough fit that I didn’t feel the need to compare sizes. The waistband didn’t have as much stretch as other pants, so I had to do a slight shimmy to get it over my hips + butt, but once there – it was perfection.

Differences from last year:

  • Slightly thinner fabrication this year vs last year – which I actually really appreciated. Not only do I feel like this year’s version will keep me warm without the risk of overheating during Friday night Netflix binge sessions in front of the fire, this thinner version creates a more flattering, leggings like look vs last years thicker, more sweatpant look.
  • Super high-rise this year vs regular high-rise last year – again, another win for me. Sometimes the super high-rise waistbands are excessively high, like in a couple pairs of special editions Aligns from the past few years that end up hitting just below my bra. But this SHR waistband hit just over my bellybutton, slightly higher than the regular HR Align waistband.

Always There Trench Coat

I’ve been drooling over this style on the website since it dropped, so I was super excited to see one in-store. It was a size 6, which is a size smaller than my usual 8 in coats + jackets, but I couldn’t resist trying it on anyway.

Since this was my first time trying on a lululemon trench, I don’t have much in the way of comparison notes. I will say though, the 6 fit very roomy and I probably would’ve been fine sticking with that size if I’d wanted to. The clasp on the belt was easy to snap/unsnap and felt very secure + high-quality. The length was maybe a little longer than personal preference on me (5’4”), but it was a similar fit at the model, so not a total dealbreaker for me.

Overall, while I’m a fan of this trench coat, I’d: (a) probably prefer the khaki color and (2) don’t know if I have a need for it at this time. But if you’re in the market for a sharp-looking, lightweight trench coat, this could be a winner for you!

Don’t worry, I only had my mask off for a few seconds just to snap a picture

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