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lululemon Try-On (8/3/21)

Welcome to my first (official) lululemon try-on haul!

Welcome to my first (official) lululemon try-on haul!

I’ve been wanting to start doing more try-on posts for my LTK for awhile now, but hadn’t had time to devote to trying on multiple styles, taking photos, linking pieces, etc. Until now! And there I was in the fitting room trying on my third pair of leggings when – BAM – it hit me – why not do a blog post for LMBL too?!

Ok, a little background info …

When I first started LMBL, I spent a lot of time on the lululemon subreddit reading posts basically as “market research.” What questions are online shoppers asking most often? Which products are loyal lululemon shoppers most interested in? Which products are new lululemon shoppers most stumped by? How can I translate my product knowledge into an easily digestible guide for the masses?

Ok, that was step one. That “research” and a lot of brainstorming / trial-and-error is what led to the creation of my two weekly series posts: Tuesday Top 5 and Markdown Lowdown.

Step two in my evolution is in thanks to (1) TikTok try-on hauls and (2) my recent online shopping experience at Lulus where I read a ton of user reviews (including body metrics + pictures) to find the right size in a set for my Vegas trip.

So yeah, can you say it just clicked. Uhhh duh. Why am I not doing this for the blog?? I’ve dabbled here and there (I did a mini try-on at a lululemon in Bethesda late last year), but I’m in a store basically every day and can definitely make time for a try-on haul at least once a month. Especially now that I’ve experienced firsthand how valuable they are to unsure online shoppers who don’t have access to a brick + mortar!

And so here we are – the first of what I hope is many lululemon try-on posts to come.

Leave me a comment if you have questions abt any of these styles, feedback for this new series format or requests for future try-ons! I’m all ears!

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lululemon Align™ High-Rise Pant 25″

Color: Maldives Green

This color is truly gorgeous! I’m not one to wear brightly colored leggings, so these didn’t go home with me. However … if we see this color come out in the Align Short 6″, so you can bet they’ll be in my closet ASAP.

This color fits true to size and feels just as soft + buttery as all my black Aligns.

lululemon Align™ T-shirt

Color: White

I was so excited for this “t-shirt” to come out, but *womp womp* it was just isn’t a winner for me. The fabric is buttery soft and feels next-to-nothing just as expected, but the cut isn’t flattering on me. I tried on my normal top size (8) and my normal Align Tank size (10), but the 8 was a little tighter than I’d prefer and the 10 was saggy in the armpits. Pictures below show the size 8.

Swift Speed High-Rise Tight 28″

Color: Heathered Black

Ok, first off, these are too long for me. The 25″ is a perfect full-length on me, so these had three extra inches bunched up at my ankle. Bright spot: These are available online in the 25″ inseam!

Second, I haven’t worn a Luxtreme tight in probably years (in favor of Nulux and Nulu), despite owning a ton of older Luxtreme tights, but these were actually really great! I was surprised at how comfortable these felt; the waistband was super high and had just the right amount of compression.

I’m wearing my normal size 8 in bottoms (except for Aligns in which I wear a 6) and they fit perfectly.

Unlimit High-Rise Tight 25″

Color: Red Merlot

Although the website says this style is only available online, my store has these tights in a few colors. I’m a huge Nulu fan (I literally wear Align Pants every day at work), so idk why it took so long for me to try these on.

And, duh, now I’m kicking myself for waiting so long bc they’re just as amazing. Although the Red Merlot color I tried on was so pretty, I ended up leaving with black bc … I’m basic.

Size-wise, my normal Align Pant / Short size was perfect.

Relaxed Fit Mesh Jacket

Color: Black

Although I really love this jacket, I couldn’t justify buying another jacket. But man did I try. This jacket hit me right at my hips and was loose, obvi lightweight and very comfy. My normal size 8 in jackets was a perfect fit.

Non-Stop Bomber Vest

Color: Black

I have two Non-Stop Bomber jackets from previous years (one in Black, one in Dark Olive) and it’s one of my fav jackets ever … so when I came back from vacation and saw this vest it basically blew my mind.

The coolest thing abt the Non-Stop collection for me is the reversibility (one side is matte, the other side has a shiny quilted puffer look) and nothing gets me more hype than versatility. Beyond aesthetics, these pieces are water-repellent, insulated and have pockets on both sides (one side has zippered pockets, one side has drop-in pockets).

My normal size 8 in tops fit perfectly – no need to size up or down in this vest. Although I only tried it on with my sports bra, it felt like I had plenty of room left to throw on a light-to-medium weight top underneath.

Welp, that’s it! Thanks for checking out my first lululemon try-on haul post! Feel free to leave any feedback, questions or requests for future posts in the comments section below! Cheers xoxo

Although I do work for the company, I am not an official spokesperson of lululemon. The opinions + positions expressed are my own and do not reflect those of lululemon.

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