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lululemon Try-On: Peek Pleat High-Rise Tennis Skirt

Fit review of the lululemon Peek Pleat High-Rise Tennis Skirt

Ok, I don’t play tennis; but that didn’t stop me from immediately trying on the lululemon’s new Peek Pleat High-Rise Tennis Skirt the day it hit the sales floor at my local store.

I have a few lululemon skirts from the last decade plus: the Pace Setter from a million years ago, the Pace Rival from half a million years ago and a few Court Rivals from last year. So needless to say, I don’t necessarily need a new skirt — but I couldn’t resist those cute little side pleats.

Leave me a comment if you have questions abt this new skirt or requests for future try-ons!

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lululemon Peek Pleat High-Rise Tennis Skirt

I usually avoid white bc I’m a messy girlie and white usually ends up immediately stained with coffee or food or something random I couldn’t name. But it looks so clean and fresh, and conjures up thoughts of preppy summer tennis ‘fits which are so outside my usual style that I’m feeling so drawn to them right now.

Anyway, I grabbed my usual lululemon size in both the skirt and new Sculpt Cropped Tank, which is an 8, and both fit true-to-size. I did have to use the skirt’s internal drawstring to cinch the waistband a bit, and now I’m kind of wishing I’d tried on the 6 as well just for comparison (I do size down to a 6 in the Court Rival Skirt), but overall the fit was good.

lululemon lululemon Try-On: Peek Pleat High-Rise Tennis Skirt and Sculpt Cropped Tank

The built-in shorts 4″ inseam felt a little longer than the Pace Rival *Long’s (3.5″ inseam) and Court Rival *Long’s (4″ inseam), which was interesting. This could be great for those who want a little extra leg coverage, but were also easy and comfortable to pull up a little bit so they weren’t easily visible under the skirt. The short’s bottom hems have sticky silicone bits to prevent movement so whether you want to wear the shorts longer or shorter, they’ll stay where you want them.

Skirt length by size (length is measured at the center front, from the top of the waistband to the hem; shorts liner length is the same 4″ length for all sizes):

  • 0–2: 13.5″
  • 4–6: 14″
  • 8–10: 14.5″
  • 12–14: 15″

I should also mention that if you are actually a tennis girlie, there are ball pockets built into the sides of each legs of the shorts liner. And there’s a break in the silicon just under that pocket that my non-tennis self can only assume is for those who would rather tuck a tennis ball under the shorts vs using the pocket. But that could be 100% off-base and maybe I totally made up that people do that (??).

Overall, I like the skirt. It fit well, it was flattering, it was comfortable, it gave plenty coverage without feeling dowdy. Again, I think I’d like to try on the size 6 to compare the fits between the two sizes. I’d also love to see the skirt in Wild Indigo, because if I was going to invest in another athletic skirt I don’t really need, I’d probably go for that color bc it’s just so darn pretty.

Have you tried on the lululemon Peek Pleat High-Rise Tennis Skirt or any of lululemon’s other skirts? Loved ’em, hated ’em?

Comment below with your opinions and fit pics!

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