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new lululemon: Sonic Pink Scuba Joggers, Low Rise Align Pants, return of the Poolside Scuba Hoodie

If you’ve been on the lulu scene for as long as I have, you’ve seen the Dance Studio Pants weave in and out of fashion more than a couple times. Although they’ve never been a personal fav, they’ve been at the top of many wish lists over the years. And they’re making a big comeback in 2023, or at least attempting to – time will tell. I saw one color-way drop in my local store yesterday, and now we’re seeing a total of 5 colors so far online (including Sonic Pink!).

In my cart this week: the City Sleek Wide-Leg in Java and (mayyyybe) the Hold Tight Cropped Tank … also in Java. And, I don’t need any more jackets so resisting for now, but that Softstreme Cropped Jacket is calling my name, so we’ll see.

What did you snag this week?

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Hold Tight Cropped Tank Top

Java, Black

I tried this on in Black today at my local store, and although I did like it, I’m still on the fence. I really like the cropped scallop hem and the fabric is soft, but I don’t love the visible bra strap look so idk if I can make this work. I’m a sucker for Java lately tho, so probably would’ve caved if my store had it in stock. Fit is true-to-size.

Peek Pleat High-Rise Tennis Skirt

Shadow Court Multi/Night Sea, Tidal Teal

Check out my try-on and fit review of this pleated tennis skirt from when it was first released at the beginning of this month.

Ribbed Softstreme Cropped Jacket

Bone, Nomad

I don’t need this jacket. I don’t need this jacket. Someone else tell me I don’t need this jacket please.

City Sleek 5 Pocket High-Rise Wide-Leg Pant


I actually already have three pairs of these pants and have been saying that if they come out w Java or Carbon Dust or Nomad, then I’d go for a fourth. ‘Be careful what you ask for, I guess’ – she says as she faux bitterly pulls out her wallet.

Scuba Oversized Half-Zip Hoodie


I know there’s more than a couple of you out there who are excited for the return of Poolside. Better snag this restock before it sells out again!

lululemon Align™ Low-Rise Flared Pant 32.5″

Velvet Dust, Java, Chambray, Black

No. No no no. I can’t do it, y’all. I’ve worked through my low-rise trauma from middle school, high school and college and I just can’t go back. I know low-rise is making a trend comeback, but in my mind unless you’re Britney, Xtina or Paris from the early 2000s my advice is to just stay away. For those determined to ignore my advice, the Align 25″ Low-Rise also came out this week too.

Large Classic Belt Bag 3.5L

Grey Sage/White Opal/True Navy, Black

I’m hesitant to hate on this new large belt bag bc I trash talked belt bags in general for a long time and now I have more than I should admit to another human (want to see my collection?). But does this one just look comically large to anyone else or just me?

Grid-Texture Cropped Tennis Short-Sleeve Shirt

True Navy, Pink Peony, White

Dance Studio Mid-Rise Full Length Pant

Sonic Pink, True Navy, Java, Bone, Black

Although they’ve never been my style, Dance Studio Pants have been around the lululemon scene longer than me. The always fan-fav style is coming in hot in 2023 with 5 colors released this week, including the historically mania-inducing Sonic Pink. One of the DSP’s most popular design features has always been the drawstring at the bottom hems so you can essentially customize the length, and the website styling pics are leaning into that hard.

Ribbed Nulu Strappy Yoga Bra

Java, Sunny Coral, Magenta Purple, Black

Made with buttery-soft ribbed Nulu fabric, this strappy longline bra is designed to provide light support for A/B cups.

Hotty Hot High-Rise Lined Short 2.5″

Rhino Grey, Mint Moment

If you lean toward a longer inseam, the Hotty Hot HR 4″ was also released in Rhino Grey this week.

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  1. These are great selections of lululemon dance wear items. I could use a few for my daily workout routine.

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