lululemon Tuesday Top 5

lululemon Tuesday Top 5 (2/26/19)

My favorites from this week's product drop

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Here are my favorites from this week’s new product drop:

  1. Chill On Pullover in Carbon Dust: I’m digging this color real hard. And although I haven’t seen this pullover in person yet, I’ve heard RAVE reviews about it. I love the small collar and the shape of the sleeve!
  2. Fast & Free 7/8 Tight II in Grey Sage: This is my #1 fav pant! And I love the Grey Sage color! I already bought the Free To Be Moved Bra in this color so these pants are verrrrry tempting. Idk if I can justify a third new pair of F&Fs in less than a month though …
  3. Muscle Love Crop Tank *Fade in Washed Moon Blue (top) and Washed French Clay (bottom): I bought this tank in a dark heathered grey a couple years ago in Chicago and the white one this year (it’s marked down right now!). And I absolutely love this “washed” effect on these new ones!
  4. Warm Two Ways Bomber in Copper Coil: Reversibility gets me EVERY. DAMN. TIME. I already own three reversible bomber jackets – black, olive green and a brick-ish red.

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