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31 Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

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Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. I don’t get excited seeing Christmas decorations start to pop up mid November, but seeing pumpkins and skeletons and witches flying into trees at the beginning of October is definitely my thing.

Whether you’re into the Halloween classics or something a bit creepier, here are 31 ideas to help with your Halloween decorating this season.

Set the scene

1. LED String Lights: Beware, Ghost

2. Skull Candle

3. Skeleton of Your Fav Animal: French Bulldog, Unicorn, Cat, Snake, Wolf, Dachshund

4. Metal Signs: Do Not Enter: Never Mind the Dog, Dead End, Keep Out: Poison

5. Bat Top Clear Plastic Halloween Cloche: Small, Large

6. Crime Scene Decorating Kit

7. Hand Votive Candle Holders: Black, White

8. 400W Skeleton Coffin Fog Machine + Fog Liquid

It’s not a party without some adult beverages …

9. Stemless Wine Glasses: Gold Skull, Drink Up Witches, Sugar Skull

10. Decanters: Sugar Skull, Spirits Served Nightly, Skull and Crossbones

11. Spooky Mason Jars

12. On the Rocks Drink Glasses

13. Skeleton Hands Beverage Dispenser

For those who park themselves next to the snack table

14. Slate Serving Tray: Fortune Teller, Skull

15. Crow Feet Glass Serving Bowls: Short, Tall

16. Skull Serving Bowl

17. Wood Serving Tray: Ouija Board, Happy Halloween,

18. Ceramic Serving Platter: Ghost, Pumpkin, Sugar Skull

Do you want to go zombie themed …

19. Metal Signs: Fallout Shelter, Research Facility, Zombie Parking

20. Animated Zombie Groundbreaker

21. Crawling Zombie Animated Halloween Decorative Holiday Scene Props

Or are you more into creepy dolls?

22. Bad Teddy

23. Dolls: Cracked Victorian, Lil Sweet Vengeance

24. Rocking Ducky Animated Doll

25. Ring Around the Rosie Animated Dolls

Every party needs some mood lighting

26. Glow Lights: Freak Show, Enter If You Dare, Fun House, Palm Reader, No Vacancy

Take the party outside

27. Skeleton Hands Yard Stakes: Rock Out, Thumbs Up

28. Halloween Yard Tombstones: Traditional, Neon

29. Lifesize Cage + Light-Up Lifesize Skeleton

30. Yard Inflatables: 9’ LED Green Dinosaur, 9.5’ Incandescent Pumpkin Inflatable

31. Coffin + Lifesize Posable Dummy

And one bonus item because it was just too damn cool to exclude from the list …

32. 7” Animated Winter Dragon

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