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Did you miss out on Trader Joe’s viral yoga skeleton succulents?

Yeah, me too. Big time bummer. So I did some research.

While I couldn’t find the same yoga skeleton succulents elsewhere, I found some cute alternatives.

See anything that cures your Trader Joe’s FOMO?


$3 each

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Why Do I Feel Like A Need a Halloween Swimsuit?

October is my favorite month of the year – I get college football, flannel weather, Halloween costumes, Halloween candy, Trick-or-treating with my niece, haunted houses and my birthday all in one month!

I’ve even affectionately renamed the month Bextober. And my friends have graciously adopted the moniker.

Typically the last thing on my mind during October is wearing a bikini. So why did seeing this Zaful ad while scrolling through my Facebook timeline make me want a Halloween bikini??

Do I need a biniki top with witches, pumpkins, ghosts or bats all over it? Nah, but do I want one now? I mean, yeah, kinda.

I read through some of the zillion comments and it looks like people are mostly on-board the concept.

What do you think? Fun holiday accessory or silly nonsense? Would you rock a Halloween bikini on the beach in October?

Pumpkin Print Knot Tankini, $16.67

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