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The Viral lululemon Belt Bag is Back in Stock!

New lululemon belt bag colors! lululemon restocks each Tuesday.

Go on a walk outside, go to the grocery store or out to dinner and I bet you’ll see at least one lululemon Belt Bag. I mean, these things are everywhere. They’re so popular, lululemon has trouble keeping them in stock. My local store sells out almost every weekend, and the website usually sells out of new colors within a day or two of release. Even the black Everywhere Belt Bag is hard to find most of the time. It’s your lucky day though – because lululemon just restocked their belt bags!

* Hot tip: lululemon releases new products every Tuesday so check back each week for new colors and styles!

I’m not going to lie, when lululemon fanny packs started showing up in stores, I was skeptical. There was no way I was going to be caught dead wearing one of these things. Fast forward a year or so and how many do I own now??

livingmybexlife lululemon belt bag collection sonic pink
I’m honestly not even sure this is all of them bc I switch them out so often, they’re all over my house. My most-used bags are the original black EBB and both of the Clean Lines. The Sonic Pink belt bag is by far the white whale of the collection.

Are you eager to jump on the belt bag trend too but not sure how to wear the lululemon belt bag? Fear not.

You can wear the lululemon belt bag in two main ways: either around the waist or, the more popular option, across the body. The straps on each luluemon belt bag is adjustable so you can easily switch between wear styles.

Scroll to see the full list of lululemon belt bags or click a link below to jump to a specific style:

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Everywhere Belt Bag 1L

Wild Berry, Emerald Ice, Pink Pastel, White Opal, Electric Lemon + 9 other colors currently in stock

lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag in Wild Berry pink

Ahhh, the original fanny pack of TikTok fame – the lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag. This is by far the bestseller and is often hard for lululemon to keep in stock because popular colors sell so quickly. Blink and you miss the release (and subsequent restocks) of hot colors like Sonic Pink).

Check out the newest + very highly anticipated color of the lululemon EBB (which, yes, I did add to my collection!) plus color comparisons: Everywhere Belt Bag in Java brown (+ 2 more colors!)

Everywhere Belt Bag Large 2L

True Navy, White Opal, Grey Sage, Heritage 365 Camo Deep Coal Multi, Black

This bag is double the size of the original EBB, so it’s great for those days when you just have a little more to carry. I’ve also heard it described as the perfect mommy-size belt bag bc there’s room for snacks, cast-off socks, etc.

Mini Belt Bag (0.7L)

Solar Orange, Trench/Black, Black

At a little less than a 1L, this is the smallest of the lululemon belt bags. If you’re looking for low-profile crossbody bag or fanny pack, this is the bag for you. This size would be good for light travelers who need to carry keys, a phone and a small wallet, like the True Identity Card Case.

The outside of this bag is made with water-repellent fabric. There’s an exterior zippered pocket on the bag for small essentials and an interior mesh pocket for smaller items.

Clean Lines Belt Bag 2L

Grey Sage, White Opal, Black

Although often overlooked, this is hands down my favorite of the lululemon belt bags and the one I carry everyday. It’s double the size of the original Everywhere Belt Bag, which means it fits all my stuff with room to spare, but doesn’t look super large when you’re wearing it. The back zippered pocket is a perfect spot for AirPods, money and anything else you want to keep extra secure. The key loop in the main interior keeps keys on lockdown. And, like the other bags, the outside is water-repellent and easy to clean.

City Adventurer Belt Bag 2.5L

Submarine, Rhino Grey, Black

This is the largest of lululemon’s belt bags so far. My best friend loves the larger belt bags bc they’re so convenient for mommy essentials, but this would also be great for travel to stow the things you know you’ll need plus enough extra room for a few ‘just-in-case’ items.

Like most of its siblings, the outside of this bag is made with water-repellent fabric. There’s an exterior zippered pocket on the bag for essentials and an interior mesh pocket for smaller items.

Explore other lululemon crossbody bag and small bag styles:

4 comments on “The Viral lululemon Belt Bag is Back in Stock!

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  2. I’ve been searching constantly for the sonic pink but haven’t had any luck! I wish they would restock it, the price gouging is outrageous! Have you seen it come back in stock at all recently? I check around the clock but I’ve never seen it.

    • I haven’t seen it restocked recently unfortunately. And yeah, the resellers can be aggressive with pricing. Have you seen the Lipgloss color? It’s close-ish and is a really great pink too tho!

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