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new lululemon: Sonic Pink Scuba Joggers, Heathered Grey Scuba Full Zip Cropped, All It Takes Short-Sleeve Shirt Blissful Blue

Sonic Pink Scuba Joggers are here, and I’m obsessed. I typically stick to neutrals in my bottoms, but these are sending me over the brightly-colored edge.

A couple other highlights for me this week: the Scuba Full-Zip Cropped Hoodie (not oversized) in Heathered Core Ultra Light Grey, the Scuba Oversized Half-Zip Hoodie in Nomad (!!!) and the All It Takes Short-Sleeve in a new pretty light blue.

There are a few definite no’s for me this week (those cargo shorts did not look good on ya girl), but I’m loving them in the online pics so I’m excited to see these styles on real people in the next few days!

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All It Takes Short-Sleeve Shirt Nulu

Blissful Blue, Solar Orange, Black

I snapped up this nulu short sleeve in Black as soon as it dropped in my store, and lucky thing I did bc it sold out that same day. It’s been restocked since then, and released it two additional colors. Solar Orange isn’t quite in my color wheel, but this light blue is getting a little closer. Now if we see a Java, French Press or some version of dark green — you can bet I’ll be all in.

Adapted State High-Rise Jogger *Airflow

Carbon Dust, Solar Orange, Black

There’s also an Adapted State High-Rise Cropped Jogger, which is only sold on the website (aka you won’t find it in-store unless it’s a return).

Define Jacket *Luon

Maldives Green, Sunny Coral, Velvet Dust, White + 7 other colors

Scuba Full-Zip Cropped Hoodie

Heathered Core Ultra Light Grey, Bone, Electric Lemon, Solar Orange

Scuba High-Rise Jogger *Full Length

Sonic Pink, Army Green, Heathered Core Ultra Light Grey + 3 other colors

Sonic Pink Scuba Joggers full outfit

I’ve been wanting to get a second pair of Scuba Joggers to create a matching set with one of my hoodies, but I love this new Sonic Pink pair so much that I might just have to give up my dreams of a matching set + add these to my closet instead.

High-Neck Tight-Fit Shelf Bodysuit 

Twilight Rose, Java, Contour, Black

lululemon High-Neck Tight-Fit Shelf Bodysuit in Twilight Rose

I’m not personally much of a bodysuit girl, but I am pretty pysched about that sneak peek at what looks like Java Softstreme Pants. I’ve also heard rumor there are Java Softstreme Shorts somewhere out there too. Ok, but back to the bodysuit – again, probably not for me, but I dig the neutral color palette and racerback.

Like a Cloud Longline Bra *Light Support, D/DD Cup

Maldives Green, Velvet Dust, Java + 10 other colors

lululemon Like a Cloud Longline Bra *Light Support, D/DD Cup in Maldives Green

Scuba Oversized Half-Zip Hoodie

Nomad, Heathered Maldives Green, Blissful Blue + 7 other colors

I’ve very successfully talked myself out of purchasing any new Scuba Hoodies over the last couple months, but I don’t know how long I’ll be able to resist this one. Do me a favor, y’all all order this so it sells out and I won’t have to fight myself anymore. Kthanx.

Classic-Fit Cotton-Blend Dress

Sunny Coral, Velvet Dust, Black

lululemon Align™ Ribbed Bra *Light Support, A/B Cup

Velvet Dust, White, Green Jasper, Black

Wunder Train High-Rise Short 4″

Java, Heritage 365 Camo Deep Coal Multi, True Navy, Black

The 4″ inseam in a tight-to-body short is a little short for me these days, but I did order the Java 6″ in both the Align Short and Wunder Train Short last week and they got delivered today!! … along w the Java Ribbed Nulu Asymmetrical Yoga Bra and the 2 pairs of Restfeel Slides I ordered.

Softstreme Perfectly Oversized Cropped Crew

Solar Orange, Velvet Dust, Bone + 4 other colors

Swiftly Tech Long-Sleeve Shirt 2.0

Maldives Green/Mint Moment, Pink Peony, White + 4 other colors

Ebb to Street Cropped Racerback Tank Top

Velvet Dust, Wild Indigo, Icing Blue, White, Black

Relaxed-Fit Super-High-Rise Cargo Short 4″

Bold Beige, Finch Yellow, Black

I tried these on today bc they looked so flattering on the mannequin, but these just aren’t for me or my body. This model in the Bold Beige though is having a MOMENT and I’m loving her for that.

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