13 Hilarious Halloween Dog Costumes for 2019

I went to Target today for one thing. A very cheap $3 thing. However, I consider myself lucky to have gotten out of there only having spent $47 more than what I’d planned. Because, you know, Target. (How do you NOT buy coffin-shaped candles when you see ’em?)

There I was minding my own business just walking down the main aisle when I saw it: a display of cat costumes for Halloween. [ !!!!! ]

Game. Over.

Two cat costumes in my basket and I’m back on track. But then, dog costumes! Ok, two dog costumes in my basket and I’m back on track.

I circled back one more time to make sure I’d picked the best costumes, then bee-lined out of there before I found any other MUST HAVE things I don’t need.

Obviously I immediately went home and dressed everyone in their costumes. The dogs were mostly unphased, but let’s just say my cat still isn’t speaking to me.

Now it’s your turn. Here are 13 dog costumes (in no particular order) that made me giggle. Most of these are from Target and cost around $10. What’s your dog going to be for Halloween?

1. Burglar + Accomplice

2. Hot Dog

3. Pennywise

Ok, I know this one isn’t technically funny or hilarious. It could even be interpreted as downright terrifying depending on how you feel about the IT movies. But I actually laughed when I saw this costume, so I’m including it … because it’s my list. So there.

4. Sloth Rider

I’ve loved sloths since college, so I got my dog Eloise this costume.

5. Dinosaur: Raptor, Triceratops & Stegosaurus

6. LLama

My bf loves llamas, so obviously his dog Bindi needed a llama costume! The head wouldn’t stay in place though. Idk if the XL was just too big or if it’s a design flaw. But my bf sure looked good in it.

7. Pretzel

8. Dumb & Dumber’s Harry & Lloyd

9. Sheriff Squirrel Rider

My bf also likes squirrels, so I had to get Bindi a second costume.

10. Chick Magnet

11. Back To The Future’s Marty McFly

12. Lion Mane

13. Beer Keg

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