lululemon Tuesday Top 5

lululemon Tuesday Top 5 (11/19/19)

My favorites from this week's product drop

Tuesdays are the best day of the week in lemon world. All the ‘latest and greatest’ products drop in the lululemon “upload” – meaning all the new product for the week is added to the website.

And all the #lululemonaddicts out there are glued to their computers adding item after item to their shopping carts.

Each week, I sift through the upload and bring you my top picks in both women’s and men’s – as well as tips on sizing, education tidbits on fabrics + features and, hopefully, a laugh or two along the way.

So, here are my favorites from this week’s new product drop:

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All Yours Cropped Crew

Featured Color: Angel Wing
Price: $88

Stretch French Terry fabric is super soft and has built-in stretch to keep you feeling comfy and free post-practice.

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Wunder Lounge High-Rise Tight 28″ *Velvet

Featured Color: Black
Price: $118

There go the holidays at lululemon doing what they do best: another special edition of a classic fav. This are a remix on the Wunder Under full-length made with plush velvet and a loose, loungey fit. I’ve never realized it before, but seeing these pants made me realize that nothing says “holiday season” to me quite like velvet for some reason.

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Align Super High-Rise Crop *Velvet

Featured Color: Garnet
Price: $98

More velvet, but a little more understated this time. Same naked sensation as your favorite Aligns, but these are super high-rise, meaning even more coverage than the originals. Another special feature here is the 23″ length; we’ve seen a little bit of this popping up in the Aligns and Fast & Frees, but I’m surprised to see it in a special edition piece.

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Sit in Lotus Wrap *Cashmere

Featured Color: Heathered Core Light Grey
Price: $298

The Sit in Lotus Wrap is back, but this time in 100% cashmere. Wear it two ways: the traditional longer length for a cozy look or flip it upside down for a shorter length and cascading collar.

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Align Short 6″

Featured Color: Formation Camo Deep Coal Multi
Price: $58

This one isn’t a special edition, but it is a crowd-favorite fabric in a crowd-favorite style in a crowd-favorite pattern. So there’s that. I have this pattern in the 25″ and I have this short in the black; can I justify these? (talk me into them, please)

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ABC Pant Classic *Warpstreme 30″

Featured Color: Obsidian
Price: $128

The big news here is the length. lululemon has traditionally stuck with two lengths – regular and tall – and fallen back on offering complimentary hemming to solve for gaps in lengths. However, we’ve seen an expansion in length differentiations across styles over the past year or two, and the addition of 30″ inseam options continues that trend.

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Commission Pant Slim 30″ (online only)

Featured Color: True Navy
Price: $128

They can’t rightly add an ABC 30″ without also adding a 30″ Commission option to the line-up, now can they?

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ABC Jogger *Skinny (online only)

Featured Color: True Navy
Price: $128

One more addition to the OTC (office+travel+commute) line-up today: the addition of a “skinny” jogger.

(Fun Fact: If you’re struggling to spot the major difference between ABCs and Commissions, check out the pockets both front and back.)

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Metal Vent Tech Polo *Geo Camo

Featured Color: Carbon Dust/Muslin/Black
Price: $98

I’m not going to lie, I’m still deciding how I feel about this one. I usually love the MVT Polos but this pattern has me second guessing. You tell me, is this cute or not so cute?

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Get Outside Gloves

Featured Color: Carbon Dust
Price: $48

These windproof and water-resistant gloves have tech-friendly fingertips, silicone strips on the palms so you can keep a secure grip on valuables and a hidden zipper pocket on the cuff. Plus, the Primaloft insulation (unlike Down) will keep you warm even when wet.

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