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The 6 Creepiest Halloween Decorations on Etsy Right Now

Discover the creepiest, most chill-inducing Halloween home decor pieces available on Etsy right now

It may only be September 10, but my apartment is already fully decorated for my favorite holiday of the year … and, of course, I can never have too many Halloween decorations. So each year I set out on the hunt for new Halloween home decor pieces to add to my collection. Target’s Hyde + Eek Boutique is always a go-to, but in recent years, Etsy has climbed to the top of my list too.

I’m always amazed at what you can find on Etsy! Last year, I got my mom and I each serial killer-themed tea towels and coffee mugs from an independent artist — total hits! So the bar is set high this year. Here’s what I’ve found so far …

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1. Reaching Hands To Mount on Your Wall

2. Severed Baby Doll Heads

3. Body Part Candles / Bleeding Candles

4. Basically Anything Clown-Related

5. Spooky Old Photographs

6. Far Too Realistic Looking Severed + Bloody Body Part Replicas

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