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lululemon Tuesday Top 5 (3/31/20)

A round-up of my top women's and men's picks from this week's upload

Tuesdays are the best day of the week in lemon world. All the ‘latest and greatest’ products drop in the lululemon “upload” – meaning all the new product for the week is added to the website.

And all the #lululemonaddicts out there are glued to their computers adding item after item to their shopping carts.

Each week, I sift through the upload and bring you my top picks in both women’s and men’s – as well as tips on sizing, education tidbits on fabrics + features and, hopefully, a laugh or two along the way.

So, here are my favorites from this week’s new lululemon upload … and this week, it’s all about core favorite styles + new camo prints.

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Energy Bra Long Line

Colors: Incognito Camo Jacquard Alpine White Starlight (featured) + 7 other colors
Price: $58

Although technically designed to provide medium support for B/C cups … I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the Energy Bra is the most versatile of all lululemon bras and I’ve seen it work for women of all different cup sizes. The beauty of this long line version is that there’s a little boost of support thanks to the longer band at the bottom.

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Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 25″ *Luxtreme

Colors: Incognito Camo Jacquard Alpine White Starlight (featured), Heathered Black, Wee Are From Space Nimbus Battleship
Price: $98

Ok, I need these. Immediately. I don’t wear Luxtreme as often as I used to (newer fabrics such as Nulu, Nulux and Everlux have become my go-tos), but for this white-based camo pattern, I’d do it in a heartbeat. *add to cart*

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Flow Y Bra Nulu

Colors: City Camo Silver Drop Multi Flow Y Bra (featured), City Camo Chianti Multi Flow Y Bra + 8 other colors
Price: $48

You can’t go wrong with matching sets these days, so I’m happy to see a Nulu bra to go with the new camo print Aligns that were released last week. The Flow Y is designed to provide light support for B/C cups, but this style would work well for (most) anyone in the current quarantine-don’t-leave-your-house-or-change-out-of-your-pjs-for-the-next-month-or-longer reality we’re all living in right now.

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Align Pant II 25″

Colors: Formation Camo Shade Multi (featured) + 18 other colors
Price: $98

Another #AddToCart pant for me. I don’t do a lot of color in my leggings, but for Formation Camo I’d be willing to rock something outside my typical color wheel of black, black, black camo and black.

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Define Jacket *Luxtreme

Colors: Incognito Camo Jacquard Alpine White Starlight (featured) + 4 other colors
Price: $118

I already have 5 Define Jackets, but they’re all Luon … so it’s okay to buy another one since it’s in a completely different fabric, right?!

Totally random side question that just popped into my mind: think we’ll ever see the Define in Everlux??

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Bonus #6: Wunder Train High-Rise Tight 25″

Color: Ink Blue (featured) + 6 other colors
Price: $98

What kind of lululemon blogger would I be if I didn’t mention these beautiful blue Wunder Trains??

I have a couple pairs of In Movements but they were never my favorite. So when I heard two new Everlux styles were coming out, I was a little nonplussed about the hoopla. My tune changed after wearing the WTs for a couple workouts though and now I absolutely love them. If you’re in the market for a versatile workout pant that also looks like a casual legging, I def suggest giving them a try.

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At Ease Hoodie

Colors: Heathered Brick/Black (featured), Heathered Black/Black, Heathered Melody Light Grey/Black
Price: $148

The most popular men’s hoodie of 2019 is making a play at keeping that title with this bright new spring wardrobe-worthy color.

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Train to Beach Short 8″

Colors: Sea Water (featured), Black/Graphite Grey, Chalk/True Navy
Price: $88

GTL. The Jersey Shore boys wouldn’t have to do so much laundry if they had these shorts designed for both gym and tanning. Maybe we can help them out and find a new meaning for the L … Gym. Tan. Lunch?

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[ on MD! ]

Surge Tight 28″

Colors: Heather Allover Sea Salt Light Cast (featured), Dark Olive, Black
Price: $118

The perfect complement to layer underneath linerless shorts in unpredictable weather.

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T.H.E. Short 7″ *Linerless

Colors: Brick (featured) + 8 other colors
Price: $68

Ever wondered what T.H.E. stood for? Well you’re in luck, bc I know: Train Every Day. Which is exactly what you’ll want to be doing in these four-way stretch, moisture-wicking shorts.

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Bowline Short 5″

Colors: Lunar Rock (featured), Obsidian, Dark Olive
Price: $78

Suns out, quads out. That’s how it goes right?

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