lululemon Tuesday Top 5

lululemon Tuesday Top 5 (2/18/20)

A round-up of my top women's and men's picks from this week's upload

Tuesdays are the best day of the week in lemon world. All the ‘latest and greatest’ products drop in the lululemon “upload” – meaning all the new product for the week is added to the website.

And all the #lululemonaddicts out there are glued to their computers adding item after item to their shopping carts.

Each week, I sift through the upload and bring you my top picks in both women’s and men’s – as well as tips on sizing, education tidbits on fabrics + features and, hopefully, a laugh or two along the way.

So, here are my favorites from this week’s new lululemon upload:

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Free To Be Serene Bra High Neck *Long Line

Colors: Magenta Glow (featured), White, Black
Price: $68

This is the first time I’ve seen a mash-up of the “high neck” and “long line” designs in one bra … And I’m digging it. It actually looks more like a cropped tank than just a bra, and I’m totally into that look right now. Designed for low impact activities such as yoga, barre and pilates, this high coverage bra is intended to provide light support for C/D cups.

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– Free To Be Serene Bra
Free To Be Serene Bra *High Neck
Free To Be Serene Bra *Long Line

Wunder Train High-Rise Tight 25″

Colors: Incognito Camo Multi Grey (featured), True Navy, Dark Olive, Cassis, Black
Price: $98

I bought these today and I can’t wait to try them out on my Peloton tomorrow and my rowing class next week! And of course I bought the camo ones, bc duh. These may look like your run-of-the-mill Wunder Unders, but these bad boys are made of Everlux and have a drawstring in the waistband to help keep them in place. Everlux fabric is lululemon’s fastest drying fabric and is specially designed to keep you cool during super sweaty workouts.

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In Movement Short 2.5″

Warm Down Jogger *Soft Modal (online only)

Colors: Heathered Pink Taupe (featured), Heathered Core Ultra Light Grey, Heathered Cashew
Price: $98

Finally – a new color in the Modal version of the Warm Down Jogger! The Modal fabric is so freakin’ soft, once you put it on you won’t want to take it off. Like ever. I’m hoping the release of this new pink means there are 1 or 2 more colors in our future before the full transition to summer styles.

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Warm Down Crew (online only) [ I have this sweater and it’s one of my favs! ]

Pace Rival Skirt *Long

Colors: Magenta Glow, Dark Red, True Navy, White, Black
Price: $68

We usually see a lot of colors in the “regular” length version of this skirt, but the “long” version usually gets left out in the cold a little as far as color selection. With the first new Pace Rival color release of 2020, we’re seeing Magenta Glow in both lengths; fingers crossed that’s a trend that will continue all year. Pro tip: The “long” version is 15″ while the “regular” is 13″ and the “extra long” is 17″.

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Speed Up Short 4″

Colors: Incognito Camo Multi Grey/Black (featured), Magenta Glow, Dark Red, Polar Lights Blue Multi/True Navy, Larkspur, True Navy, Heather Lux Multi Black/Black, White, Black
Price: $58

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Pulse Motivation Short Sleeve

Colors: Brick/Brick (featured), Vapor/Vapor, Graphite Grey
Price: $78

Say hello to your new go-to high-impact training top. It’s got the perfect mix of mesh for breathability and abrasion-resistant fabric for utility. Plus No-Stink Zinc to prevent that pesky bacteria growth that causes odor.

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Surge Warm Full Zip *Jacquard

Colors: Graphite Grey (featured), Light Ivory
Price: $118

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Surge Warm 1/2 Zip
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Surge Jogger 29″
Surge Hybrid Pant

Textured Tech Jogger

Colors: Graphite Grey/Vapor (featured), Black/Cadet Blue
Price: $128

These four-way stretch, sweat wicking joggers are about to be your fav new workout pant. Wear them to the gym, after the gym and on lazy Sunday rest days. Like a lot of men’s styles we’ve seen lately, these are abrasion-resistant so they’re compatible with barbell work.

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Commission Short Warpstreme 5″

Colors: Tofino Sand (featured), Obsidian, True Navy
Price: $88

It’s almost quad season … and after working so hard in the gym all winter, those puppies deserve some sunlight.

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Vital Drive Long Sleeve

Colors: Black (featured), Vapor
Price: $88

This lightweight, abrasion-resistant long sleeve has silicone grippers at the hem to prevent ride-up during workouts.

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