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Did you miss out on Trader Joe’s viral yoga skeleton succulents?

I did too. Here are some alternatives to help chase away the FOMO.

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Yeah, me too. Big time bummer. So I did some research.

While I couldn’t find the same yoga skeleton succulents elsewhere, I found some cute alternatives.

Below you’ll find succulent options and yoga skeleton options, but none combined unfortunately. We’ll all just have to wait until next year and hope TJ’s doesn’t sell out before we get there!

See anything that cures your Trader Joe’s FOMO?


$3 each

Faux succulents in cute little Halloween-themed pots:


prices vary by seller

There are lots of yoga-skeleton-halloween combos available on Etsy … because duh, everything is available on Etsy.

There are halloween-themed succulent holders available as well!


$20.87, set of three

Set of three 5″ hand-painted resin skeletons.


$6 – $17.50 each

See the full line of Ashland’s yoga skeletons here. There’s a decorative pillow as well 5.75″ and 11″ skeletons doing prayer pose and meditating. These are available in-store only; they are not available for online ordering.

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