Did you miss out on Trader Joe’s viral yoga skeleton succulents?

Yeah, me too. Big time bummer. So I did some research.

While I couldn’t find the same yoga skeleton succulents elsewhere, I found some cute alternatives.

See anything that cures your Trader Joe’s FOMO?


$3 each


prices vary by seller

There are lots of yoga-skeleton-halloween combos available on Etsy … because duh, everything is available on Etsy.

There are halloween-themed succulent holders available as well!


$20.87, set of three

Set of three 5″ hand-painted resin skeletons.


$6 – $17.50 each

See the full line of Ashland’s yoga skeletons here. There’s a decorative pillow as well 5.75″ and 11″ skeletons doing prayer pose and meditating. These are available in-store only; they are not available for online ordering.

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All stock images are the property of the retailer (Target, WalMart, Michael’s, etc.)


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