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San Fran Day #3: Lombard Street, lululemon, Union Square, fancy family dinner

We got to lululemon in San Francisco today! Because I can’t visit a city without checking out the local store.

I had originally planned today as our Yosemite day, however that plan quickly changed last night as Ruben started imagining himself driving the roughly 5 hours to Yosemite Valley or Glacier Point. So, instead, we took the opportunity to slow our pace and play the day by ear. We stopped at Lombard Street for an IG photoshoot, walked around Union Square, checked out a couple lululemon stores & hit a few restaurants.

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Lombard Street

Our big touristy activity today was going to the curvy part of Lombard Street in the Russian Hill neighborhood for a full-on IG photoshoot. The girls were all over the place taking pictures from different angles and trying out different poses. There were tons of tourists also there for pictures so you had to be patient and take turns in certain spots, but the view was definitely worth it. After everyone was pictured out, we got into the car and drove down the big curvy hill just to say we did it.

[ OOTD: Target sweater + Madewell Jeans + Sunglasses + Jessica Simpson Catcher wedge ankle booties]

Food Rundown

I cannot stress enough how much I recommend breakfast at Fred’s Coffee Shop in Sausilito! It was amazing! The ambience is nothing special, it’s very casual with large round tables and a stammtisch vibe. Oh wait, you don’t know what stammtisch is? Weird. Ok, I didn’t either, but there’s a bulletin board on the wall at Fred’s with an explanation of the German word and lots of pictures of regular customers. I ordered The Swedish, which I thought was going to be a sandwich but was more like an open face sandwich: 2 over-medium eggs and a burger patty stacked on top of three pieces of toast. I also ordered a side of Fred’s Sweet Bacon — HOLY COW. This stuff is three times thicker than traditional bacon, sprinkled with red and black pepper, brown sugar and red pepper flakes and then baked for 2.5+ hours. Best bacon I’ve ever had, hands down.

We were in the Union Square area around lunchtime, so after a quick Yelp search, we walked over to Tropisueño Mexican Kitchen, an “order-at-the-counter and sit down with your number” type place. I ordered a Super Taco with carne asada and a Baja Fish taco. The carne asada taco was ok, but form the meat description on the menu I was expecting steak rather than the ground beef I was served. The Baja Fish taco was a pleasant surprise – the fish serving was large and the house slaw was tasty.

The kids really wanted to dress up for a dinner, so tonight was our “fancy” family dinner night. Dani did some research for places close to our Airbnb and picked Piazza D’Angelo in Mill Valley. Sadly, the food was hit or miss. Two of us ordered the Fettuccine Funghi e Pancetta and I think everyone loved it; I cleaned my plate. The Tortelloni Della Casa was also a table favorite. Ruben ordered the Fettuccine Bolognese and he liked it, although I was just ehhh about it. One of the girls ordered the Ravioli (I don’t remember the full name), but it wasn’t very good.

[ The dress I’m wearing above is the lululemon Here to There Dress. I’ve worn this LBD for many events and always get a ton of compliments! Plus it has pockets, ladies! Everyone is always surprised to learn it’s from lululemon. Shoes: Target’s Ema High Block Heel Pumps in Black]

lululemon x2

Anytime we go on a trip, I always look up the closest lululemon stores and try to squeeze it into our itinerary. There are three stores in pretty close vicinity to one another in San Fran and we were able to hit up two of them: lululemon Union Street & lululemon Grant Ave. I should’ve taken pics in the stores so y’all could see how the layouts and displays or in front of the stores just for fun, but it didn’t cross my mind at the time. <<womp womp>> I’m always excited when stores have newer display fixtures and different product than my store (nerd alert, I know). Both stores we visited got the Barry’s Bootcamp collab product and the Grant Ave store had the intimates display fixtures and products. I tried on a couple of the bralettes and my favorite was the Simply Strappy Bralette although I didn’t pull the trigger to buy it just yet.

I did buy the Stronger as One Ribbed Tank lululemon X Barry’s in Midnight Maroon, the Muscle Love Crop Tank in Grey Sage and the Breeze By Muscle Crop Tank in Dark Olive. I already had the Muscle Love Crop Tank in a couple colors and the Breeze By Muscle Crop Tank in one other color — I love both of these styles and they both sell out SO FAST, so I jumped on it when I saw they were the last of their kind in the store there too.

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