lululemon Style Tuesday Top 5

lululemon Tuesday Top 5 (4/30/19)

My favorites from this week's product drop

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Here are my favorites from this week’s new product drop:

In Depth Jacket *Lace in Light Chrome: I’m a little unsure of the coloration of this – it’s called Light Chrome, but looks more pink than a light gray/silver to me although I haven’t seen it in person yet. Either way, the detailing on this jacket is so delicate and beautiful! ($128)

Swiftly Breeze Tank *Relaxed Fit in Dark Olive: This is a new-ish addition to the Breeze line, an updated version of the Swiftly collection. Just like the classic Swiftlys, this has a silver fiber woven into it making it anti-microbial (won’t grow bacteria, aka won’t start to smell bad over time.) As always, I’m a fan of anything in olive green, but there’s also a new light pink color, a light blue/violet and the traditional heathered grey and black. ($58)

Open Up Tank in Heathered Lavender Grey: I’m always a fan of these tie-in-the-back tanks – both because they’re just cute AND because they’re actually practical. Just like the tank above, this has anti-microbial properties as well (and it comes in Olive Green haha). ($58)

Hood Lite Jacket in Chrome: Although it’s getting pretty warm outside, depending on where you live, this wind-and-water-resistant jacket is lightweight enough to get you through any sudden summer showers. It has chest and back vents for airflow to keep you from overheating and a cinch at the waist for a customizable fit. ($128)

Wanderer Wide Leg Pant in Black: These are just begging to be added to your travel wardrobe rotation! The Swift Ultra Light fabric feels exactly like it sounds – ultra light! – and the wide leg cut is so comfy and flattering at the same time! ($118)

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