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This Is How We Do It Down In Puerto Rico

Disclaimer: You won’t see too many details on this post as I spent the trip really present with what we were doing rather than taking notes/thinking about blogging. So you’ll see lots of pics instead!

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Monday, June 5-Thursday, June 8, 2017. Our first vacation to together. And he truly knocked it out of the park.

We stayed at in a suite at Dorado Beach, a Ritz Carlton Reserve. I can’t remember if it was the East Beach One Bedroom or the West Beach One Bedroom, but based on the website they look very nearly the same. Either way, at 2,782 sq ft, our suite was multiple times the size of my new apartment at home. It was literally the nicest place I’ve ever been and I highly recommend it!

Our suite had:
– a living room area with a furnished patio and eating area outside
– a half bath off the living room
– a bedroom with king-size bed and flat screen TV
– a huuuuuge bathroom with an oversized soaking tub, separate rainforest shower & double vanity
– a completely private outdoor shower off the bathroom
– a private rooftop with covered seating and a small plunge pool overlooking the ocean

My favorite part of the suite was the rooftop hangout area – that’s where we spent the majority of our time when we were actually at the resort. We went down to the beach the first day, but after that we just laid out & pooled it up there.

Second place: the private outdoor shower. *wink wink*

And third: the floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors in the bedroom and living room that opened onto a large private balcony. The weather was perfect so it was great to fully open the sliding doors and wear the ocean noises and feel the breeze.

The room came with a resort-branded beach bag and slippers, if anyone besides me gets excited by silly stuff like that.

The food was amazing. The resort was pay-as-you-go vs all-inclusive, which I think is why the food was so great. Not gonna lie, we did actually eat at Wendy’s one day for lunch. Don’t judge us, please.

Ruben loves “excursions” and had a couple activities booked in advance for us.

First up: a boat ride to Culebra Island complete with ATV riding, snorkeling and lunch on the beach; we were scheduled to visit Flamenco Beach and Tamarindo Beach over the course of the day.

Well, about that boat ride … Turns out when we showed up to the dock, we were directed to the wrong long and didn’t realize it until we’d stood there for a solid two hours and had already missed our boat. Ruben contacted the tour company and they attempted to get us on a plane but honestly didn’t really do much to help us out, despite multiple promises to help.

After A LOT of back and forth, we were able to finally catch a small plane to Culebra but never caught up with our tour group; turns out, they’d done the tour itinerary in reverse. The saving grace of the trip is that the tour company did give us our ATV and snorkeling gear so we were able to basically do our own thing on the island. We did have lunch on the beach and we did go snorkeling and swim with a sea turtle which is all I really cared about anyway. That was my first in-person sea turtle experience and it was the coolest thing in the whole world. The one we saw only had three legs and didn’t seem to be phased by us swimming with/near it. I’m pretty sure I was more scared of getting close to it than it was scared of me getting close to it.

Excursion #2, food tour in Old San Juan, went more to plan … although I must’ve popped a rib out of place during snorkeling the day before because I was in massive pain any time I laughed, cough, sneezed, etc.

The tour itself was great and I would definitely recommend it. We tasted sofrito, made mofongo with fried plantains, tasted rum, put cheese in hot chocolate and had popsicles while our tour guide led us over the cobbled streets and told us about the history of the beautiful city.

We affectionately called this trip #AmazingRacePuertoRico because of all the obstacles we faced getting to/being on Culebra. Despite how frustrating it was to miss our boat, our whole tour and have to basically fight/haggle with the airport staff, I had so much fun on our own little “amazing race” challenge. And the popped rib the next day really showed me how much Ruben makes me laugh, whether it’s a stupid joke or watching him almost destroy a refrigerated drink cooler trying to get a soda at CVS after the food tour.

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