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lululemon Tuesday Top 5 (5/26/20)

A round-up of my top women's and men's picks from this week's upload

Tuesdays are the best day of the week in lemon world. All the ‘latest and greatest’ products drop in the lululemon “upload” – meaning all the new product for the week is added to the website.

And all the #lululemonaddicts out there are glued to their computers adding item after item to their shopping carts.

Each week, I sift through the upload and bring you my top picks in both women’s and men’s – as well as tips on sizing, education tidbits on fabrics + features and, hopefully, a laugh or two along the way.

So, here are my favorites from this week’s new lululemon upload:

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Rain Chaser Jacket

Colors: Dark Prism Pink (featured), Wild Bluebell, White, Black
Price: $198

Rainy weather can’t interrupt your training schedule with this cropped waterproof jacket. Weather your running a 5K or running to the grocery store, the Rain Chaser Jacket has your back.

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City Sweat Crew *Spacer

Rogue Renegade Super High Rise Tight 25″

Colors: Black (featured), Midnight Orchid
Price: $128

These are the sporty cousin to the Spanx faux leather moto legging. The stripes on the front are abrasion-resistant panels designed to prevent snags during barbell work. And as with most higher impact leggings from lululemon, these do have drop-in side pockets for easy phone storage.

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Ebb to Train Bra *Sun

Colors: White/Pink
Price: $68

Like the mood ring of sports bras. Except it reacts to sun instead of your mood (aka body heat for all you science realists out there). But either way, it changes color and it’s hella cool. This bra is designed to provide light support for C/D cups.

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Ready to Roll Crew *Dye

Colors: Acid Rubber Dye True Navy (featured), Acid Rubber Dye Rustic Coral
Price: $118

Tell me this light cotton Terry sweatshirt doesn’t look like the softest, coziest sweatshirt ever. That’s right, you can’t. Come to me, my pretty, and let me wear you every day.

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All Hours Duffel

Colors: Black (featured), Dark Olive/Black
Price: $158

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I feel like a broken record most weeks when I have to say: “Sorry, guys, another small upload week … I’ll be featuring some fill-in-the-blank-themed styles to round out the top five this week.” But Tuesday is here again. And here I am again saying the same ole, same ole. This week’s theme: best-selling styles that toe the line between technical workout + everyday comfort.

5 Year Basic V

Colors: Amethyst Velvet (featured), Heathered Nautical Navy, Code Blue Sun Wash, Heathered Core Ultra Light Grey, White, Heathered Black
Price: $48-$58

It’s easy to see why 5 Year Vs are bestsellers year round (especially when we see colors other than black, white, navy and grey). They’re soft, stretchy and flattering (and, according to a former Atlanta Braves player I’ll leave unnamed, perfect for showing off just the right amount of taco meat)

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License To Train Pant 30″

Colors: Riverstone (featured), Obsidian, Black
Price: $118

Abrasion resistance is the new convertible drawstring when it comes to men’s pants – and the LTT Pants have ’em both. These pants are DWR-treated to protect you from light rain + wind. Plus, you can customize your fit by snapping the buttons at the bottom hems to give the illusion of a jogger cut.

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5 Year Basic Tee

Colors: Iced Iris Sun Wash (featured) + 9 other colors
Price: $58-$68

As the anchor of the 5 Year collection, we see the most color variation in the crewneck. But those colors don’t stick around long. This Vitasea tee is soft, stretchy and naturally breathable — you’ll never want to take it off.

There’s 1 color of the 5 Year Basic Tee currently on markdown (and, I gotta say, it looks prettyyyy similar to this new color).

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Surge Hybrid Pant 29″

Colors: Graphite Grey (featured), Nautical Navy, Black
Price: $128

These versatile trainers are stretchy enough for track workouts and abrasion-resistant for barbell work. Or really put ’em to the test with some outdoor rock climbing.

These pants also come in 27″ and 31″ inseams.

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The Reversible Mat 5mm

Colors: Lemon Vibe/White/Vista Green (featured) + 7 other colors
Price: $78

While it is reversible, I’ve ever only practiced on one side of my mat – the top side with the lululemon logo on it. The cool thing about that polyurethane upper layer is that instead of getting slippery as you sweat, it actually absorbs the moisture and becomes stickier.

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