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The 5 Best lululemon Bras for Big Boobs

I’m part of the lululemon collective and will receive a commission if you make a purchase through the links below.

“What’s the best bra for big boobs?”

This is probably the question I get asked most frequently. Hands down.

I gotta say, this is a tough question to answer. Boobs vary so much body-to-body; even women who wear the “same size” fit into bras differently. And then you have to ask questions like: What kind of support are you looking for? What kind of workout are you planning to wear the bra for? How do you want to feel in your bra?

It’s tough out there, I hear you.

Ok, but, like, what do I know? I certainly don’t have big boobs. I live in the Free To Be Bra & the Free to Be Moved Bra and they both work just fine for me. I may not struggle on the daily to find a supportive yet cute sports bra but I encounter ladies every day who do and I hear A LOT of opinions.

So, here are my top 5 suggestions for you well-endowed ladies out there searching for a bra that works perfectly for your lifestyle and/or workouts:

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Bex Tests: VanishPolish

This is the first time I’ve ever ordered something off a Facebook ad and, while I’m not completely blown away the results, I don’t regret my purchase either. So I’ll call this one a win.

According to the ad, Vanish Polish is supposed to make removing gel polish a freakin’ breeze. As in, you paint it on, the polish flakes up and you scrape it all off easy peasy. I do my own gel manicures at home (#SalonBex #NailsByBex) and removing old polish is the ab-so-lute worst! Idk what freak remover they’re using at salons, but the “salon-grade gel polish remover” I bought doesn’t work nearly as well.

After watching the Facebook ad video and reading through some comments, I was pleasantly surprised to see a commenter say she purchased it and posted a picture of her polish “flaking” up and off. So I shrugged, said WTH and placed my first FB ad-inspired order.

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San Fran Day #4: Chinatown, Full House house, Golden Gate Bridge, Sunset Sail in the Bay

I’m part of the lululemon collective and may receive a commission if you make a purchase through the links below.

2-Hour Walking Tour of Chinatown + Dim Sum Lunch

We started today with a walking tour of Chinatown. We booked this through Viatour and although I knew the girls would be really excited about it, I didn’t have very high expectations. I’ve done walking tours before and have thought they were OK, but they were never something I’d rave about. I was pleasantly surprised with this tour and would definitely recommend it! Our tour guide Linda grew up in Chinatown and was able to offer an authentic viewpoint of what life is like for the residents. She was very funny and I laughed a lot on this tour! As an added bonus, I had multiple “Linda listen” flashbacks during her stories.

We started the tour with some brief history on how the Chinese ended up in California in the first place, then we walked over to a store that sells herbal remedies and fills herbal prescriptions. We had been running late this morning and weren’t able to stop for coffee (end of the world stuff here, y’all) and I was DELIGHTED to find canned iced coffee at this small herbal store; it tasted like a store-bought Starbucks Frappucino which was just fine with me. I also picked out a couple herbal soup remedies to bring back home and try out. In the picture on the right, below, you’ll see prescriptions that are being filled.

The next stop on the tour: a Chinese temple. The Ma-Tsu Temple is built in honor of Ma-Tsu (or Mazu), a Chinese sea goddess revered for protecting the lives of fisherman and sailors and, today, travelers of all kinds. Ma-Tsu translates to “Maternal Ancestor” or “Mother”. The golden columns you see in the pictures below hold the names of worshippers who have purchased a spot in her temple, and with it protection during travels, for the year.

The final picture you see below is from our third stop, a fortune cookie factory. Maybe surprisingly, the only country that doesn’t serve fortune cookies with Chinese food is … China, according to Linda. She informed us that the first modern version of the fortune cookie was served in the U.S. in the 1890s or early 1900s by Makoto Hagiwara of the Golden Gate Park’s Japanese Tea Garden (which we visited and I wrote about on our first day in SF). Sometime around WWII, fortune cookies evolved from a Japanese-American dominated tradition to a Chinese-American one.

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7 Products to Take You from Workout to Workday Without a Shower

We’ve all been there: You burned some calories, maybe PRed your deadlift or your 5K run, worked up a sweat and, in general, just proved you’re a badass workout machine. But now it’s time to get ready for work or that Tinder first date you’ve been stressing about all day, and you’re out of time. What do you do?

You can take your time in the shower, do your hair and walk into the office/restaurant a little late … your boss/date will understand right? Or you can try out a couple of my tips below. I’m the queen of extending blowouts – take it from me, these things work.

Disclaimer: Since deodorant and oral hygiene seem like no-brainers to me, I didn’t include them in this list. But you still have to use ’em, y’all. Just because they aren’t listed doesn’t mean they’re not necessary.

7. Moroccanoil Body™ Pure Argan Oil

This is the most expensive item on this list, but it’s also the most versatile; you can use this head-to-toe — hair, nails, skin. This pure argan oil is extremely rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. But no need to worry about that gross greasy feeling, it absorbs so fast! All you have to do is put a few drops in your hands and massage it into your face, over your body and smooth through your hair. You can mix it with a small amount of lotion for extra hydration as well. Fragrance-free and paraben-free.

6. Wet Brush Detangling Hair Brush

Although designed for use on wet hair, it works just as well detangling dry hair. I have thick hair and I tend to let it grow long, so having a brush that can handle my sweaty tangles is important! I discovered this brush about 2 years ago and it’s been a game-changer.

I use the classic version, but they also have paddle brushes, travel size, a couple “pro flex” versions, a men’s version and so much more – there almost too many options!

5. eos Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream

Just because you can’t shower doesn’t mean you can’t be smooth, ladies. It’s packed with natural shea butter, vitamins C & E and provides 24-hours of skin-softening moisture — it’s so moisturizing you can shave wet or dry! Plus, it’s enriched with aloe and oat extract to help prevent nicks and razor bumps. Paraben-free and Phthalate-free, just like all the products I recommend.

I like the Vanilla Bliss scent, but it also comes in Pomegranate Raspberry, Lavender Jasmine and Tropical Fruit.

4. Thayers Rose Petal Alcohol Free Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Facial Toner

I’m not a fan of long beauty routines (hence the list of products you can use to avoid showering), but a good facial toner isn’t something you can skip. The rosewater in this one helps soothe and restore dehydrated skin and works in tandem with the witch hazel to tighten pores and control oil production. Plus rosewater is also full of Vitamin C, which aids in collagen production, strengthening skin cells and fading blemishes/scars. Check out Thayers’ full line of witch hazel toners here.

3. Drybar Detox Dry Conditioner

This Argan oil, mango butter and Tiare flower formula hydrates, smooths frizz, softens and detangles like a traditional conditioner, without the need to wash.

After working dry shampoo into my roots, I spray this from the mid-shaft of my hair all the way to the ends. I love how fresh my hair feels, looks and smells after using! I like the original scent (it has notes of jasmine, sandalwood and vanilla) without being overbearing.

As always, this product is free of paragons, sulfates and phthalates.

2. Goodwipes Hygiene Wipes

Take the traditional sink shower to a whole new level. They look and feel like baby wipes but do so much more. Not only are they 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic, they’re made with natural tree tea oil, cooling peppermint, aloe and ginseng. I’m a big believer in essential oils (thanks to my chiropractor and my mother), so that’s a big plus for me! And no alcohol means you can use them as often as you want without drying out your skin (although you should probably actually shower every once in a while).

These wipes come in handy pretty much anytime you need to freshen up when there’s no shower in sight – on the road, between flights and during festival season. They come in a fresh, light scent, a lavender scent and a men’s cedar scent, to leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized and ready to tackle your day.

1. Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo

I’ve used a lot of dry shampoos in my life, and this is by far my favorite. It’s lightweight, effective and smells great! In a pinch, I’ll use other brands and I have a few on hand for emergencies, but this is my go-to. It absorbs oil without feeling heavy and leaves my hair totally soft-to-the-touch (important to me because I have a bad habit of messing with my hair a lot) and completely moveable. I love that there’s no residue or left-over evidence I’ve dry shampooed instead of washed my hair.

Just like the Drybar Detox Dry Conditioner, I use this in original scent.

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