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4 Stylish Indoor Plant + Planter Pairings for Your Home

decorate your home with these modern houseplant pairings

Quarantine was a time of reflection and self-discovery for me. And one of the most shocking, and probably worrisome, things I discovered about myself during quarantine was that (other than work) I have no hobbies other than watching shitty reality TV (whyyyy did I watch The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart ???), torturing my cat with too much attention and drinking wine.

And I know I’m not alone.

For awhile, I threw myself into puzzles. I like problem solving, I’m good at obsessing over something until I’ve mastered it and it’s easy to drink wine while sorting puzzle pieces. But after finishing every puzzle in the house (I have pictures if you want to see them haha), I needed something else to fill my time and stimulate my brain.

I don’t know where the idea originated, but one day I heard myself saying, “I want to get a lemon tree and a lime tree to have indoors.” It started out innocently enough. But that obsessive tendency I mentioned earlier kicked in pretty quick and before I knew it, I had 14 plants ranging in size from a tiny random succulent I picked out at Home Depot to a lemon tree taller than me that I found at the state farmer’s market.

[ I’m working on a post detailing all the plants I’ve managed to accumulate over the past couple weeks, so stay tuned if that’s something that interests you. ]

Hand-in-hand with the plant obsession, of course I had to research in-depth every plant I bought and I had to find the perfect planter for each, bc along with being obsessive I’m also a perfectionist.

After hours of browsing planters online, here are four of my favorite pairings:

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I’m always on the hunt for new places to shop plants and planters … Have a favorite place to score rare plants and/or planters? Spread the wealth and leave your suggestions in the comments so I can check them out!

Here’s a list of my current favorite houseplant pot sources:





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