lululemon Style Tuesday Top 5

lululemon Tuesday Top 5 (5/7/19)

My favorites from this week's product drop

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Here are my favorites from this week’s new product drop:

Fast and Free Tight II 25″ Nulux in Incognito Camo Multi Grey: How many pairs of camo pants is too many pairs of camo pants? Asking for a friend. Also, these 25″ pants look hella short in the pics below because that model is 5’11”, so keep that in mind. These hit right at the ankle on (apparently) little ole short 5’4″ me. ($128)

Every Journey Hoodie in Light Chrome: Made with buttery-soft Nulu fabric, this hoodie is basically like wearing Align Pants all over your body. Plus it has the ever-popular signature thumbholes that we’ve all come to love and expect! ($128)

Tightest Stuff Tight 28″ *Online Only in True Navy: These are the most compressive tights lululemon makes, so if you like that tight-as-sh!t feeling, these are for you! This style is an updated version of the Tight Stuff Tight which was, I think, a 25″ tight. These pants still have the side pockets and reflectivity at the bottom (although the design of the reflective dots has been updated) and there’s now a mesh pocket on the back as well. ($148)

Delicate Day Tank in Light Chrome: This is so feminine and, yes, delicate (duh) but still so technical. You can sweat your asana off in hot yoga then head straight to happy hour! ($58)

Speed Up Short 4″ Updated Fit in Black: With the growing popularity of the 4″ inseam shorts, it’s no wonder we’re now seeing a longer version of the classic Speed Up Short. Everything you love about the Speed Up, but with a little 3 extra coverage! ($58)

https://shopstyle.it/l/bxtKvSkinny Scrunchie 3 Pack in Chambray/Sea Moss/Vintage Mauve: This brings the scrunchie style count up to FOUR! There’s the super big one (that’s a little tooooo 80s for me), the Uplifting Scrunchie, the Uplifting Scrunchie *Bow and now this skinny one + there’s the regular hair-ties. I have both the Uplifting and the Uplifting Bow (I prefer the one without the bow) and the hair-ties. But I’m kinda digging these skinnier ones and might just have to try them out! ($14)

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