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Bex Tests: VanishPolish

This is the first time I’ve ever ordered something off a Facebook ad and, while I’m not completely blown away the results, I don’t regret my purchase either. So I’ll call this one a win.

According to the ad, Vanish Polish is supposed to make removing gel polish a freakin’ breeze. As in, you paint it on, the polish flakes up and you scrape it all off easy peasy. I do my own gel manicures at home (#SalonBex #NailsByBex) and removing old polish is the ab-so-lute worst! Idk what freak remover they’re using at salons, but the “salon-grade gel polish remover” I bought doesn’t work nearly as well.

After watching the Facebook ad video and reading through some comments, I was pleasantly surprised to see a commenter say she purchased it and posted a picture of her polish “flaking” up and off. So I shrugged, said WTH and placed my first FB ad-inspired order.

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