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The 5 Best lululemon Bras for Big Boobs

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“What’s the best bra for big boobs?”

This is probably the question I get asked most frequently. Hands down.

I gotta say, this is a tough question to answer. Boobs vary so much body-to-body; even women who wear the “same size” fit into bras differently. And then you have to ask questions like: What kind of support are you looking for? What kind of workout are you planning to wear the bra for? How do you want to feel in your bra?

It’s tough out there, I hear you.

Ok, but, like, what do I know? I certainly don’t have big boobs. I live in the Free To Be Bra & the Free to Be Moved Bra and they both work just fine for me. I may not struggle on the daily to find a supportive yet cute sports bra but I encounter ladies every day who do and I hear A LOT of opinions.

So, here are my top 5 suggestions for you well-endowed ladies out there searching for a bra that works perfectly for your lifestyle and/or workouts:

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Bex Tests: VanishPolish

This is the first time I’ve ever ordered something off a Facebook ad and, while I’m not completely blown away the results, I don’t regret my purchase either. So I’ll call this one a win.

According to the ad, Vanish Polish is supposed to make removing gel polish a freakin’ breeze. As in, you paint it on, the polish flakes up and you scrape it all off easy peasy. I do my own gel manicures at home (#SalonBex #NailsByBex) and removing old polish is the ab-so-lute worst! Idk what freak remover they’re using at salons, but the “salon-grade gel polish remover” I bought doesn’t work nearly as well.

After watching the Facebook ad video and reading through some comments, I was pleasantly surprised to see a commenter say she purchased it and posted a picture of her polish “flaking” up and off. So I shrugged, said WTH and placed my first FB ad-inspired order.

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