Why I’ll Never Shop at H+M Again

From start to (still not) finish(ed), H+M has made customer service + virtual shopping during a pandemic an absolute joke

I’ve never done this before, but in this case, I do feel it’s warranted to share my recent experience trying to make a purchase + then a return to H+M.

To give you some backstory – I ordered 3 sweaters + 4 decorative glass boxes from H+M’s website. It took 2 weeks for them to process my order + ship. Fine, the world is crazy, I can be patient.

When my order arrived, 1 sweater was missing even though it showed on the packing slip that it was shipped and I was charged for it. I contacted customer service about the missing sweater. They said they couldn’t ship the sweater, but they’d issue a refund for it and I would need to place another order if I still wanted it. Ok, annoying, but whatever.

The framing on the 4 decorative glass boxes were rusted + dented and I decided I’d rather pay more for nicer ones, so I’d return them. The 2 sweaters didn’t wow me, so I’d return those as well. I did place a second order for the sweater that wasn’t included in my original order bc I was still interested in it.

Using the return label provided and the box the original order arrived in, I returned the 4 glass boxes + the 2 sweaters – the full order. I included the original packing slip and returned within the 30 day window stated on the packing slip.

Fast forward a month later, and I’m still waiting on my refund to process. Again, it’s a global pandemic, USPS is backed up, I get it. But then I get a package … it’s the 2 sweaters I sent back with the original packing slip and a letter from Nordstrom saying “the merchandise received either does not match the purchase information provided or the merchandise was returned without the original purchase details.”

Cue much confusion on my part.

Why am I getting a letter from Nordstrom concerning a return I made to H+M?? Where are the 4 glass boxes I sent back and why haven’t I been refunded for those? Why are they saying these sweaters aren’t on the original packing slip when they quite clearly are? So I contact H+M customer service again to figure out what’s going on.

The first agent I attempt to talk to abruptly ends the chat when I share my issue. Ok.

The second agent asks a million questions and finally says he’ll issue a refund for the 4 glass boxes. Great, thanks.

I ask him about the sweaters. He says I’ll need to drive to a store to return those. I express concern that it’s now far outside the 30 day return window and frustration that I’m being asked to go to a store during a global pandemic bc of a mistake made by H+M, not me.

His response (paraphrased, since although I asked for a copy of the chat be emailed to me, that hasn’t actually happened): I can send you a new return label and you can send the sweaters back and then the warehouse will decide whether to take them back or not.

I have a couple problems with this:

  1. You’re telling me the warehouse could get this return, refuse it again and I’ll be in the same position in another month??
  2. How am I supposed to trust that even if they “accept” the return that I’ll actually get my money back? Half of the reason I’m contacting customer service is bc the glass boxes were apparently accepted as returns but I was never issued a refund for them.

The chat ended with the customer service rep telling me those were my only options. Either inconvenience myself by driving to a store and dealing with trying to explain to a store employee why I’m trying to make a return over a month past the return window. Or send them back to the warehouse and hope they decide to accept my return the second time around. Call me spoiled, but those don’t seem like great options to me.

So here I am, stuck with two sweaters I don’t want and (still – 14 days later) no refund on the 4 glass boxes that were returned. Meaning that essentially I’ve spent $170 and too much of my time on two sweaters I don’t want.

Thanks for the pleasurable shopping experience, H+M.

This post details my real personal experience and all opinions expressed in this post are mine.

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