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Sorel Winter Boot Dupes from Target for $40

Want the Sorel winter wedge boot look without the Sorel price tag? Check out these $40 dupes from Target.

I fell in love with Sorel boots after seeing a couple co-workers wearing them. I’ve always been a wedge girl, and Sorel’s water-proof wedge boots lit me up as the perfect companion to my lululemon leggings-heavy wardrobe.

But, these suckers are expensive and spending $200+ on a pair of shoes was a new concept to me.

So, I opted for a look-alike from Target; I figured if I wore them an entire season and was still in love with the style the next year, then I’d earned the right to splurge on the real thing. And, as it turns out, I was still in love a year later and invested in my first pair of Sorels (I now have two pairs of boots + three pairs of sneakers).

Want the Sorel look without the Sorel price tag? Check out these $40 dupes from Target. (or shop the Sorel 40% off “Great Wedge Event”!)

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Splurge: Sorel Joan of Arctic™ Wedge II Chelsea Bootie
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Splurge: Sorel Explorer Carnival Boot
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4 comments on “Sorel Winter Boot Dupes from Target for $40

  1. I have the Sorel Explorers in a light taupe color, and they’re SO comfortable! I swear, it’s like walking on marshmallows, but I’d be interested in seeing how the Target versions feel in comparison! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • That’s how I feel abt my Sorel Joan of Arctic Wedge Boots – so freaking comfy! I just got Target’s Universal Thread Amalia Fashion Boots and I LOVE them so far too!

  2. These dupes are amazing!! I hardly wear boots but I think I need to invest!
    -Kyra xx

  3. These are awesome dupes! I need flat heeled shoes though, or my back will be hurting!!! LOL

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