7 places to buy cute face masks for less for $15
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7 Places to Buy Cute Face Masks for $15 or Less

Face masks, but make them fashion.

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I’ve heard the term ‘new normal’ about a 100 times a day for the last few months. You too, huh? And, for many of us, part of that ‘new normal’ is wearing a face mask for part, if not most, of our day.

My bright side takeaway for having half of my face covered anytime I’m in public is that I’m saving a ton of money on make-up right now. But wearing the same black mask all the time can get boring.

Since it doesn’t seem like masks are going anywhere anytime soon, I figure it might be time to invest in a few cute face masks to add some variation and excitement back into my getting ready routine. So I scoured the interwebs and found seven places that sell cute face masks for under $15 each.

Let me know your favorite place to buy cute face masks in the comments!

Disclaimer: I am not a healthcare professional and cannot guarantee the effectiveness of any of these masks.


Athleta has 3-packs of adult masks for $25 and 5-packs of adult masks for $30. Do the math and that breaks down to $6-$8 per mask – not a bad deal!

There are two types of masks: everyday and workout.

The Everyday Masks come in 5-packs of assorted colors, but (bummer) you can’t pick your colors – it’s luck of the draw on what your assortment looks like.

The Made to Move Masks are designed for workouts. They come in 3-packs and there are two color combos to choose from.

Athleta also has 3-packs and 5-packs of kids masks (including new adjustable styles) in their Athleta Girl line:


As always, Etsy is the place to go for original designs and to support small businesses. It can also be a little overwhelming to sort through the crazy amount of options out there. So I’ve done the dirty work for you; here are a few designs under $15 that I’d totally wear:


Madewell’s self-branded masks come in 3-packs for $20. These are all elastic behind-the-ear styles and the packs are all the same design, not assorted colors. What’s pretty cool about these, though, is that each one is made from leftover fabric scraps (so sustainable!), which means every color is a limited edition.

You can also find NICO NICO branded masks for $18 each. These come in either elastic behind-the-ear or tie-behind-the-head styles.

Old Navy

As usual, Old Navy is leading the pack in cute/trendy clothes at prices you just can’t beat. Here are just a few of my favorite assorted packs, but there are so many more to choose from! As far as value goes, you really can’t beat Old Navy.

5-Packs, $12.50

10-Packs, $25


These 100% cotton face masks from Everlane feature their tagline: 100% Human. Not a bad reminder when half of your face is hidden from view. Each 5-pack is $25.


Anthro has lots of masks to choose from at varying price points, but my top picks for cuteness + affordability are the multipacks from Sanctuary. You can 3-packs for $24 and 5-packs for $26. With these 5-packs, you end up only spending about $5 per mask!

You’ll also find adjustable ear-tie masks for only $10 each from Odells, tie-back bandana masks from Amadi for $20 and some splurge masks from Emily Daws Textiles for $38 each, among others.

Lady Lancaster [ splurge ]

These are definitely more of a splurge, but I’m obsessed with these fringe face masks from Lady Lancaster.


You can find 4- and 6-packs of basic colored masks for adults at Nordstrom for only $20-$24. Choose from neutrals such as black, grey and white or live it up with stripes, leopard + camo prints, and heathered pinks + blues.

They also have 4- and 6-packs of kids masks for as low as $18.

Nordstrom also has face masks from luxury brands such as slip, Lost + Wonder, Love Changes and more. And while the price point per mask is a bit higher, these masks are hella cute.

Slip Pure Silk Adult Pleated Face Covering [ splurge ]

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