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LIKEtoKNOW.it Round-Up for April 2020 (+ How to Use LTK)

A monthly collection of my most popular LTK posts ICYMI

The end of April means it’s time for my five month LIKEtoKNOW.it platform check in. And what a month it’s been. The world looks completely different than it did five months ago when I posted my first LTK round-up. At times, creating content and posting to LTK felt frivolous; at other times, it felt comforting to lean into the learning process I’ve been going through with the platform.

In last month’s round-up, I talked about my success building an engaged audience through my blog posts and my less than stellar results growing an audience on LTK. I also committed to the goal of increasing my LTK audience to 50 followers by the end of April.

So how did that turn out?

Well … While I was successful in creating and posting more content on LTK, I still have some work to do as far as posting content on a more consistent schedule. Also, with the quarantine, I didn’t do any OOTD pics and instead focused more on “sale alert” type posts, so you’ll see a lot of those in the recap below. I finished April three followers shy of my 50 followers goal for the month.

Which leads me to … Goals for May: 60 LTK followers. At least 5 OOTD posts. Check back next month to see how I did!

Top 10 Selling Products in April 2020

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Above you’ll find links to the top 10 bestselling products in April across all platforms (the blog, Insta, LIKEtoKNOW.it, ShopStyle Collective, etc).

If using LIKEtoKNOW.it is just as new to you as it is to me, let me explain a little about what it is and how to use it:

What is LIKEtoKNOW.it?

Basically, it’s an app that connects you to all your favorite influencers + bloggers and allows you to see direct links to what they’re posting about — clothes, make-up, hair products, home decor, etc.

How Does LIKEtoKNOW.it Work?

You can either create an account here and link your instagram account to your profile or you can download the mobile app the App Store and sign up there. (If you’re a blogger who wants to apply to the platform, follow me on IG then DM me for a referral!)

When you “like” a blogger/influencer’s photo, the product details from that photo will be sent directly to your email inbox and you can shop from that email. Within the app, all your likes and screenshots will be saved to your personal “likes” feed so you can shop them all in one place.

But here’s the coolest part …

Ever seen that little heart/circle logo in the bottom right corner of an IG story or post and wondered what it was? Well, that’s the LTK logo and what it allows you to do is mind-blowing. You can actually screenshot those stories/posts and they’ll automatically appear in your feed on the app for easy shopping.

LIKEtoKNOW.it Round-Up

Now that you know how to use it, here are a few of my most popular posts on the LIKEtoKNOW.it platform from the month of April. Be sure to follow me on LTK to see all of my posts!

[ And remember: that little heart/circle logo means you can screenshot any of these photos and shop them directly in your LTK app! ]

Earlier in this post, I also included a list of my top 10 selling items from the month of April. Be sure to click through the list to see what your fellow LMBL readers are buying.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you. You can read more about my use of affiliate links here.

nap and Netflix-worthy loungewear from AE

I made this post as a sale alert for a big sale happening at American Eagle at the time. While I’m not sure these items still fall into the under $20 and under $30 categories, if you follow me over on LTK then you’ll be the first to know about sales like this when they’re happening!

Shop this post:

a slipper a day keeps the ‘rona away

Ok, I’m not a doctor and wearing slippers has no effect on your ability to contract a communicable disease. But if you’re going to be stuck at home in quarantine every day, you may as well have options for your #QuarantineOOTD posts + your TikTok debut videos.

Shop this post:

because life is hard right now and you deserve to be pampered

Replace ‘Treat Yourself Tuesday’ with ‘Treat Yourself Everyday’ thanks to this list of holy grail self-care products to keep you feeling your best 7 days a week.

Shop this post:

how I’ve started keeping track of quarantine days

I really can’t wait to think of a better way to track my days. Next time you forget what day it is, just ask yourself which wine glass you drank out of the night before and BAM, there’s your answer.

Shop this post:

quarantine and tiger king

Carole Baskin definitely killed her husband. Change my mind.

Shop this post:

snarky coffee mugs on zoom calls are the new power suit

Thrive not just survive your work-from-home quarantine call schedule with these snarky coffee/tea mugs guaranteed to earn you a laugh or two

Shop this post:

glow baby glow

Take self-care to the next level with these skin-saving beauty products from Urban Outfitters. Shop brands such as Gourmand, Mario Badescu, Bliss, Skin Gym, OUAI, Sunday Riley and more.

Shop this post:

you’ll never want to change out of your pajamas

Comfort is king queen right now.

Shop this post:


Another sale alert post that you missed out on by not following me on LTK. All of these styles are still available from Athleta and you definitely still deserve some comfy WFH ‘fits, but unfortunately the 25% off promotion has ended.

Shop this post:

fun in the sun

The quarantine will end eventually … Start channeling your summer style with these colorful + fun home goods, pool gear and accessories from Target’s Sun Squad collection to bring some extra (much deserved!) joy to Summer 2020!

(The beer pong pool float is 100% my favorite purchase of the year so far.)

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it was a good month for Anthro sales

Bad News: this 50% sale is a distant memory at this point
Good News: this weekend only, get 30% off sitewide (exclusions apply) including an additional 30% off sale items.
Check current promotions here.

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good hair daze

SPECIAL DELIVERY! Just because no one can see my hair, doesn’t mean I have to settle for bad hair days. Moroccanoil shampoo/condition are one of my beauty splurges … and this month I treated myself to a couple goodies to try out too: dry conditioner for light hair tones, root boost for extra bounce, a couple new combs for styling and a smoothing lotion to tame flyaways. The hand cream was a free gift with purchase — I’ve gotten this before and it’s like heavenly butter, y’all; so decadent and luxurious!

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drinking wine while online shopping is my fav quarantine hobby

Really spoiled myself this month in quarantine … no regrets here though! Went hard on lululemon Align Shorts (I ordered 4 pairs), fun summer pool goodies from Target and lots of hair stuff from Moroccanoil and Kitsch.

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