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Social Distancing OOTD

cheers to social distancing and online shopping

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Social distancing doesn’t have to mean style distancing.

Check out these lounge-worthy must-haves to live your best stuck-at-home life.

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What is LIKEtoKNOW.it?

Basically, it’s an app that connects you to all your favorite influencers + bloggers and allows you to see direct links to what they’re posting about — clothes, make-up, hair products, home decor, etc.

How Does LIKEtoKNOW.it Work?

You can either create an account here and link your instagram account to your profile or you can download the mobile app the App Store and sign up there. (If you’re a blogger who wants to apply to the platform, follow me on IG then DM me for a referral!)

When you “like” a blogger/influencer’s photo, the product details from that photo will be sent directly to your email inbox and you can shop from that email. Within the app, all your likes and screenshots will be saved to your personal “likes” feed so you can shop them all in one place.

But here’s the coolest part …

Ever seen that little heart/circle logo in the bottom right corner of an IG story or post and wondered what it was? Well, that’s the LTK logo and what it allows you to do is mind-blowing. You can actually screenshot those stories/posts and they’ll automatically appear in your feed on the app for easy shopping.

Cheers to social distancing and online shopping!

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  1. Stefanie Kasal

    Interesting. I’ll have to try it, based on your review

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