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Picture Perfect Holiday PJs for Every Budget

Christmas hasn’t always been my favorite holiday (blame a part-time job in high school/college at a greeting card store), but I’ve come around a little over the years. While Halloween is still my favorite holiday of the year, I do have my favorite Christmas season traditions: family viewings of Elf and Die Hard, my mom’s homemade chili on Christmas Eve, helping my pup open her gifts … and getting cozy on the couch with a glass of wine, a blazing fire and the Christmas decorations that my boyfriend insists go up far before we’ve hit December 1.

Now, ladies, the only thing better than being cozy on the couch is being cozy on the couch and feeling instagram cute at the same time. #CanIGetAnAmen

Here’s everything you need to assemble the perfect camera-ready holiday pajama looks. I’m starting with big wish list items, so scroll down for more budget-friendly options.


Sherpa-Lined Flannel Robes from J. Crew


Sets from J.Crew


Sets & Separates from P.J. Salvage

Slippers from Sorel

Bottoms from J.Crew

Sets from Gap


Sets from Target

Under $20

Graphic Tees from Old Navy

Thermal Knit Tees from Old Navy

Eye Masks from J.Crew

Sets from Target

All stock images are property of the retailer (Target, Old Navy, Gap, J.Crew, P.J. Salvage, etc.)

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