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Bex Tests: VanishPolish

How did my first FB ad purchase turn out?

This is the first time I’ve ever ordered something off a Facebook ad and, while I’m not completely blown away the results, I don’t regret my purchase either. So I’ll call this one a win.

According to the ad, Vanish Polish is supposed to make removing gel polish a freakin’ breeze. As in, you paint it on, the polish flakes up and you scrape it all off easy peasy. I do my own gel manicures at home (#SalonBex #NailsByBex) and removing old polish is the ab-so-lute worst! Idk what freak remover they’re using at salons, but the “salon-grade gel polish remover” I bought doesn’t work nearly as well.

After watching the Facebook ad video and reading through some comments, I was pleasantly surprised to see a commenter say she purchased it and posted a picture of her polish “flaking” up and off. So I shrugged, said WTH and placed my first FB ad-inspired order.

I placed my order on July 17, it was shipped on July 19 and I received it on August 3. I was actually surprised with how quickly the order was processed and then delivered, considering it was coming from China. I was expecting to wait at least a month from the date-of-purchase to delivery date.

First impression: The bottle I received looks smaller than the one in the FB ad, scale-wise as far as how big it is compared to her hands. But I did get the advertised 10ml, so I’m not complaining – merely pointing out the relative size is deceiving. Other than that, the bottle looks exactly the same as the ad.

Included in the package is a list of notes/warnings to “kindly note” and step-by-step picture directions on the best way to apply/use the product.

After reading the directions, I used an emery board to file the polish on my left hand, painted on the VanishPolish and waited probably closer to 3-4 minutes before attempting to scrape off anything. While it didn’t crackle and basically flake off my nails, it was much easier to scrape off than normal. A majority of the gel polish did come off, but I repeated the process a second time since there were still a couple spots of polish on 3 of my nails and my thumb nail hadn’t been cleared of any polish whatsoever. I was successful at removing 99% of the gel polish with the second round of VanishPolish, leaving just a little bit of what I’m guessing is the clear base coat on a small part of my thumb nail.

[ I don’t know how to take pictures of all 5 of my nails without my hands looking like weird gollum talons. Nail polish: OPI Taupe-less Beach. ]

I have to be honest, y’all. I was fully expecting this stuff to be trash, but also not-so-secretly hoping it would be a miracle product. It fell somewhere in between.

Did it remove my gel polish in 30 seconds as advertised? Not even close.

Did it make removing my gel polish easier than the traditional soak method I’ve been using? Yep.

Will I use it again? For sure. As in, immediately bc I need to remove the gel polish from my right hand.

Will I order it again? Stay tuned for a final decision after a few more uses. But most likely, yeah probably; or at least a similar product from another retailer. It was advertised as “half-off” with free shipping, so the total cost was only $14.24. If the half-off thing is a short-lived gimmick and they start charging $5-$7 for shipping, I probably wouldn’t order again. But at less than $15 total, I can see myself purchasing again.

Want to try it out for yourself? Order yours here and let me know what you think! Try the codes EXTRA10 for an additional 10% off or SAVE5 for 5% off – I’ve seen both mentioned in their ads, but don’t know for sure if they still work. (To be clear, I don’t get any sort of referral credit or affiliate percentage from VanishPolish.)

UPDATE: There are competitor soak-off gel polish removers (oddly advertised as VanishPolish but with different brand labels) available on eBay for less then what I paid.

(Disclosure: If you make a purchase from eBay after clicking on that link, I may earn a small commission)

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