60 Days 60 Days: January 16-March 16 Fitness

Day 51: 60 min Just Ride

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Still feeling fatigued despite taking a day off yesterday, so took it easy on the bike today.

Workout of the Day

Goal Check-In

GOAL: Hit my Apple Watch move goal of 800 active calories 45 out of 60 days starting Jan 16.

GOAL: Meet the Peloton Amplify Output Challenge goal of 3000kj and push my output to 7000kj for the month of March.
PROGRESS: 1,178kj

GOAL: Contribute 18 hours to the SweatySwarm vs XXL Tribe minutes challenge in March. 
PROGRESS: 3 hours + 40 minutes

GOAL: Ride 2019 miles this year #2019in2019
Jan = 150.1
Feb = 236.4
March = 50.9

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