60 Days 60 Days: January 16-March 16 Fitness lululemon

Day 46: 30 min Hip Hop Ride with Ally Love + 10 min Arms Toning + 20 min Just Ride

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Yesterday was a rest day for me, but the start of a couple new month-long Peloton challenges I’m participating in … so, I’ll be playing catch-up a little this first week in March.

The first challenge is an official Peloton challenge. Every month, you can earn badges for hitting mileage increments (50 miles for bronze, 100 miles for silver, 150 miles for gold), number of days working out (5 for bronze, 10 for silver, 15 for gold) and, this month, they’ve added an output challenge as well. The Amplify Output Challenge requires you to hit a total of 3,000kj during the month of March – every cycling, running and bootcamp class adds to your total. I haven’t had any trouble hitting the mileage and workout days challenges, and don’t expect to have trouble hitting this one either – my output for February was 5,715kj – but it’s still fun tracking progress on the challenges and I’m thinking of creating my own personal Amplify Output goal of 7,000.

The second challenge is between two Facebook groups. There are different “tribes” of riders, based on shared interests, favorite rider, etc. The SweaxySwarm and the XXL Tribe are competing in a “minute challenge” this month – meaning that every minute you spend in a class counts toward the group total. Guess which group I’m in and which group Ruben is in?

Workout of the Day

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The Fast and Free High-Rise Tight 25″ are my favorite high-impact pant. They’re made of super lightweight Nulux fabric that’s cool-to-the-touch and quick-drying.

2021 update: I’ve also linked a newer Nulux pant called the Base Pace High-Rise Tight 25″ that just came out. It’s similar to the F+F, but has a more simple look with less seaming + no side drop-in pockets.

Goal Check-In

GOAL: Hit my Apple Watch move goal of 800 active calories 45 out of 60 days starting Jan 16. 

GOAL: Meet the Peloton Amplify Output Challenge goal of 3000kj and push my output to 7000kj for the month of March.

GOAL: Contribute 18 hours to the SweatySwarm vs XXL Tribe minutes challenge in March.
PROGRESS: 1 hour

GOAL: Ride 2019 miles this year #2019in2019
Jan = 150.1
Feb = 236.4
March = 14

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